How To Drive A Vespa Scooter

Enrico Piaggio created a comfortable motorcycle that was easy-to change tires and is not slippery. This design came shortly after the close of the second World War. Piaggio gave the scooter its name Vespa as it looked similar to a wasp. That is why “vespa” in English. It doesn’t matter if you are renting it or buying one to get around the city, knowing how to safely drive your Vespa scooter can be very important.

The fuel tap is located on the Vespa. The switch is located beneath your seat. It can be moved from its closed position at the far left to open position at the middle. The gas reserve tank is located in the middle of the switch. It is here that you can turn it on when you are ready to visit the station.

  • Enrico Piaggio created a motorcycle that was easy to change tires and comfortable for the rider, shortly after the Second World War ended.
  • You will find the gas reserve tank in the far right position of the switch. This is where it is when you reach the point you have to switch to the petrol station.

To engage the clutch, pull the lever to the left down until it touches the handlebar. Then rotate the left hand handle towards the front in the direction that the wheel is pointing toward the rear. One position ahead of neutral is the furthest to the rear, while one is toward it is first. Each gear is marked by a line at the handle or on the handlebars. The clutch lever should be released.

  • To engage the clutch, pull the lever to the left down completely to the handlebar. Then rotate the handle to the front in the opposite direction to where it is at the rear.

Turn the key to turn the ignition switch on the top of your headlamp. The throttle is located on the left handlebars. Hold it slightly in your hand and push the kickstarter pedal to the right of the rear wheels with your right foot.

Turn the handlebar on the left to the first gear by pressing the clutch lever down. As you hold the clutch in, turn the throttle slightly on the right handbar. Slowly release the clutch and your Vespa will start to move.

When you reach the speed at which you are comfortable shifting into first gear, shift. Pull the clutch out and let go of the throttle. Shift the gears until the marking for second is aligned with the mark on the handlebar. To move through the gears, repeat the process by aligning the arrow to the third gear.

To slow down, use the brake lever at the right handbar and the brake pedal to the right. Then, downshift using the clutch, pulling down the first gear. Continue this procedure until you reach the second gear. To stop your Vespa, hold down the clutch and brake levers on each side. To shift into neutral, You can stop your scooter from coming to a halt while it is in gear, but the clutch must be engaged.

  • You can shift when you are at the speed where you feel most comfortable in first gear.
  • Use the brake lever and brake pedal at the right end of the floor, along with the brake lever on your right handlebar to slow down. Downshift the gears by pulling on the clutch, then moving one gear down.

You will find your gas cap under the Vespa seat. According to the Vespa’s specifications and mileage, you should mix oil with gasoline.