How To Change A Battery In Peugeot 206

It is a vital task to change your car’s battery every 2 or 3 years depending on how much driving you do, and the level of corrosion at your access points. The same steps are used to change the battery of a Peugeot206. It requires a 12-volt battery that can deliver 44 amps or 45 amp hours.

Your 206 should be turned off. Like most cars, your battery compartment will be in the engine compartment. The battery compartment in the 206 is to the right side of main engine block on driver’s side.

Use an adjustable wrench, or pair of scissors to loosen the bolt that connects the black (negative) wires to your battery’s negative terminal. You can remove the terminal manually. Because it’s the grounding cable, the negative terminal must be removed first. It is possible to get a dangerous shock if you don’t remove the negative terminal.

  • It’s an important task. The frequency of changing your car’s batteries should vary depending on the driving habits and corrosion at the access points.
  • Because it acts as the grounding cable, it is crucial to first disconnect the negative terminal.

Remove the bolt that connects the positive connection (red) wires to the terminal. Take the terminal out by yourself.

The old battery can be removed from its housing. About 4.54 Kilograms is the weight of the 12V battery in a Peugeot206.

Install the new battery into the housing and connect the terminals.

When working with batteries, wear gloves and goggles.

Take the battery to an auto parts or battery recycler to dispose it legally.