How To Clean Fire Resistant Curtains

To reduce or minimize the risk of fire-retardant fabrics being burned, chemicals have been used. Fire-retardant curtains can be made of cotton, linen, fibreglass or fibreglass. According to Apparel Search Company curtains that are permanently, inherently, or fire-retardant will resist fading with washing. Your curtains may be labeled as merely fire retardant. This means that they were likely sprayed with or covered in a fire-retardant chemical. They will eventually wash out or become brittle. You can wash your curtains with either water or dry cleaning to dissolve the chemicals that make fabrics flame-retardant. To restore fire retardancy, it is necessary to treat fabric that has been marked as flame-resistant or fire-resistant after you have washed it.

  • To reduce or minimize the possibility of fire, chemicals have been used to treat fabrics that are flame retardant.
  • You will have to treat fabric that is marked fire retardant or flame-retardant after you wash it to bring back the fire retardancy.

Check the labels on your curtains. The label is usually attached inside of the curtains, near the bottom or top of the panel. You will find instructions on how to clean your curtains. Your curtains’ fire rating will be indicated on the label.

Clean the curtains with a vacuum to get rid of dust and other surface dirt. Move the curtains from the top down using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. It is easier to move the curtain while it’s still attached.

  • Clean the curtains with a vacuum to get rid of dust and other surface dirt.

Use a gentle cycle to wash curtains that are machine washable in cold water. Large curtains can be washed in a larger capacity washing machine, at a coin laundry. It will prevent wrinkles.

Dry-clean non-washable curtains. The curtains must be made fire resistant by the dry cleaner.

To dry the curtains, lay them flat. You could end up with heavy or large curtains if you hang them too soon. The curtains can be dried and steamed lightly to get rid of wrinkles.

Dip curtains marked fire-, flame-, or flame-retardant with a product that is designed to restore fire resistance properties. Make sure to follow all instructions for the proper application.