How To Buy Beer Kegs For Draught Master

Europe’s Draught Master is very popular. This is a tap you can use in your own backyard. You will need to purchase the Draught Master keg when you buy it. Draught Master kegs cannot be purchased in general stores as they are made specifically for Draught Master.


Tesco can sell Draught Master kegs. Tesco Europe is an European department store selling everything, from groceries to appliances. Call your local Tesco to confirm that the Draught Master Keg is in stock before you visit. Tesco also offers Draught Master kegs for purchase online.

  • Tesco sells Draught Master Kegs.
  • Tesco also offers Draught Master Kegs for purchase online.

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Threshers in the UK is a retailer of specialty drinks. Threshers stocks the Draught Master, Draught Master, and Draught Master kegs. The Threshers state that the keg can be purchased at any of their 1,300 stores. For more information, contact your Threshers nearest you to see if they have the keg in stock.

  • Threshers, a UK specialty drink retailer, is Threshers.
  • Threshers claims that the kegs are available in 1,300 of their retail stores.

Online offers the Draught Master Keg. The kegs are in high demand so it may be necessary to wait. You can order the keg directly from the company’s website to make it easy for you to contact them if anything goes wrong or a replacement is needed.