What Is The Average Cost Of A Mural Artist

Many factors influence the price of a mural. Final costs are affected by the skills and experience, location, detail, and size of mural. Murals that are created on canvas in the artist’s home and not painted directly to the wall will often be charged a higher fee. Prices for murals are determined by local markets and can vary greatly between areas.


Artists’ Experience

A budget-friendly way to hire a mural artist is to balance price and experience. The mural painters work as artists, and they expect to receive a fair salary. Mural painters often base their hourly rates on which they charge, and convert this to an area price. The hourly rate can be as low as PS13 for new small-town artists, or well above PS65 for established artists working in large markets.

  • You need to strike a good balance between cost and experience when hiring a muralist on a tight budget.


Mural size

Your mural’s size will impact the final cost. No matter the size of your mural, many muralists charge a minimal fee. A mural’s size will increase in time, which can lead to a higher price. A few muralists are more comfortable with a specific size range, so they charge extra for smaller and larger works. The cost of larger murals may rise if scaffolding is required or ladders are used.

  • Cost will be affected by the size and complexity of your mural.
  • No matter the size of the mural, many muralists charge an entry fee.



A mural painter will charge by the amount of detail they provide. The term detail can refer to the amount of paint colors used, how complex the design is and what painting techniques are employed. While some murals are able to be painted at any level, others require a lot of details. For a better understanding of what you can expect, have your muralist show you photos showing different levels detail.

  • The cost of mural painting is usually determined by the detail required.


Mural location

The base price for a mural is for works that are painted on a wall with easy access or on a canvas piece that can be later mounted. The artist might charge extra if the site is hard to access or the artist has to work within tight spaces or around cabinets or any other obstructions. High prices are almost universal for murals on ceilings and stairways.


Additional Factors

Although sketches are usually included in the final cost of a mural, many mural painters will charge an additional fee. An additional charge may apply for changes that will require the creation of new sketches. Additional charges may apply for prep, priming, and painting base coats on the wall, as well as any additional costs. If you need to have your wall painted around pets and furniture, or any other obstructions, the muralist might charge you more. Muralists who travel from faraway places often charge additional for transportation.

  • Although sketches are often charged by mural painters, this fee is usually deducted from final mural price.
  • Additional fees may be charged for changes to the mural, such as new sketches.