This Is The Best Way To Waterproof Cotton Hats

Once the weather gets greyer, cotton hats are prone to problems. You have many choices for waterproofing cotton, whether you need to preserve your Yankees limited-edition hat or a winter hat that will last for the Rockies. The type of hat that you wear will have a significant impact on the choice of option. You may find some hats less flexible which will make it more difficult to attach a waterproof material. You’ll be able to find the waterproofing solution that best suits you needs if you shop around.


Waterproof spray

A water-resistant spray can be applied topically to your hat at any local fabric or camping shop. Although these sprays aren’t very expensive they won’t last long. Sprays may only work with two or more rains. Others sprays can work with up to 10 showers. It doesn’t matter which spray brand you use, the product will have to be reapplied approximately three to four more times each year. This is an easy way to protect your hat. Although most sprays are quick and easy to dry, you may want to run a test before applying the entire spray on your entire head. Allow the spray to dry in a discreet area on your hat. Cover your whole hat once you are satisfied with how the spray looks.

  • A water-resistant spray can be applied topically to your hat at any local fabric or camping shop.
  • Sprays usually dry quickly and smooth, however you might want to test your spray before spraying the entire cap.


Iron-on Vinyl

An iron-vinyl is a permanent solution. There are many options available for these vinyls, so be sure to read the labels before you buy one. Clear vinyl is best. Vinyls that dry clear are best for waterproofing hats. They work well. These vinyls are usually flexible and smooth, however, depending on your style, they may not be easy to iron. Ironing on a hat is not the same as ironing a shirt. It will require creativity. A bowling ball is a great option to put inside your hat when ironing. If you don’t have one, try to find something that is similar to your head. While this is more expensive than using waterproof sprays to protect your head, it will provide a lasting finish.

  • Iron-vinyl is a permanent solution.
  • A vinyl with a matte finish will dry faster than a shiny one. This is because most people only need to waterproof their hats.


Different types of cotton hats

Many styles are available for cotton hats. They can be winter caps, baseball caps, or anything in-between. Waterproofing is easier for certain styles than for others. Spray-on oil or wax is often the best way to waterproof a baseball cap. Many sporting goods stores carry a spray-on material that can be used with their baseball caps.

Winter hats can be a bit harder. The seams on winter hats tend to be loose which allows water to leak through. Spray-on wax can be used on this hat but you should only get one to two showers of rain/snow/sleet. This hat will have to be redone quite frequently.

  • There are many styles and types of cotton hats.
  • These hats can be treated with spray-on wax, although you will only get one to two showers of rain/snow/sleet.