Care of Lorica Leather

Lorica leather can be substituted for genuine leather in footwear and other products. Lorica leather is vegan-friendly and also vegetarian friendly. It claims to be waterproof, odourless, flexible, and odour-free. Lorica leather can be made with synthetic microfibers, which are treated in resin to make it leather-like. Lorica leather can show less wear than leather, and requires the same upkeep as leather.

You can gently scrub dirt with a soft, dry toothbrush. You can wipe the product with a moist cloth if it is very dirty.

Use newspaper to fill shoes or use wooden shoehorns for moisture absorption. Lorica leather is susceptible to cracking, just like real leather. You can do the same with a purse. Products such as watchbands and belts can be wrapped loosely in cloth or newspaper to dry.

  • Lorica leather, a synthetic substitute for leather, is used to make shoes and other products that would normally be made from leather.
  • For purses, wrap them in paper or cloth and dry.

Lorica leather products can be dried in the sunlight, or anywhere at room temperature. Avoid placing products near heat sources to ensure they dry evenly.

Polish leather once it has dried. To maintain the leather’s flexibility and appearance, polish can be applied to Lorica items after it has been cleaned. It is important that the leather item be completely dry before applying polish.

Apply a thin amount of shoe polish to all Lorica leather surfaces. Dry your cloth. Do not apply to surfaces made from different materials.

  • Lorica leather products should be dried outdoors or in a room at room temperature.
  • Apply a thin layer of shoe polish to all Lorica leather surfaces. Dry your cloth.

Use an additional cloth to remove any polish that remains.

Lorica leather is not required to be treated with a water-protectant.

Lorica leather shouldn’t be dried or washed in a dryer. Lorica leather shouldn’t be cleaned with harsh detergents.