How To Calculate The Length And Weight Of Salmon

Many fishermen who fish catch and release often ask for the weights of their released fish. You can estimate the fish’s weight using a formula that is based on its length. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use reliable scales before releasing the fish. To get an estimate of how big the salmon will be, calculate its length and weight using the Sturdy Scale.

  • Many fishermen who fish catch and release often need to know how many of their released fish weigh.
  • Since reliable scales that can weigh fish before release are rarely practical, you may use a formula to calculate its weight based upon the length of the fish.

The tape measures the length of the salmon fish from its tip to its tail. Right in front the dorsal fin, measure the length of the salmon.

Round the length measurement. Multiply length by 1.3333

Add both the items from the previous steps together. Divide the product by 800 for a weight estimation.

Edward Sturdy developed this equation and weight scale based upon salmon fish taken from Norway’s Vosso River System.