How To Seal Asbestos Tiles

If you have an older home, your old tile flooring may contain asbestos. Asbestos is a tough, durable fibre known to cause a variety of respiratory ailments and diseases such as cancer. Floor remodelling jobs in the home may require a professional asbestos removal company if the asbestos-based tile is chipped, crumbling or otherwise damaged. … Read more

How To Dispose Of Used Bathroom Tiles

Disposing of bathroom tiles, including ceramic, vinyl and other types, is a messy and challenging task. From broken tiles to ones that are caked with dirt and grime, you don’t want to dump the old bathroom tiles in your home’s garbage. The tiles will end up in a landfill or other dumping site. To properly … Read more

How To Lay Ceramic Tiles On A Parquet Floor

Installing ceramic tile on top of parquet floors is not the ideal choice. Wood flooring will naturally expand and contract with moisture, causing the grout in the tile to crack. Installing ceramic tile on top of parquet is not recommended. However, removing parquet is a difficult task. If your parquet is in good shape and … Read more

Roof Tiles Dimensions

Roof tiles provide protection for the buildings interior and are an essential part of the design process. There are many materials that can be used to make tiles, such as clay, slate concrete, plastic, and glass. Each tile has its own unique visual characteristics. The roof tiles can be attached to the structure using bolts … Read more