How To Wash Mohair

Mohair is a fluffy, lofty downy fibre that comes from a goat. Mohair is similar in many aspects to wool, however it’s warmer and more bulky. Mohair can be knitted and woven, and it is often used in the making of sweaters or home accessories. Mohair can feel and shrink when exposed to moisture and agitation. It is therefore important that you wash it properly.

  • Mohair, the fluffy and downy fiber from a goat is called.
  • Mohair is sensitive to moisture and will shrink under agitation. Therefore, it’s important to properly wash and dry it.

You can fill the washer drum using cool water. You can leave the washer’s lid off if it doesn’t have a soak mode.

To blend, add a mixture of 120 ml (2/4 cup) of wool softener (to the washer).

Put the mohair in the washer, and then press down on it until completely submerged. It might take some time for the mohair water to absorb.

You can set the timer to 30 minutes, and then let the mohair items soak for another 30 minutes until the timer turns off.

Close the lid and turn the washer dial towards “Spin”. After the washer drum spins and drains, remove the mohair right away.

  • The mohair piece should be placed in the washer. Once it has been fully immersed, you can press it down into the water.
  • After the washer drum spins, let drain the water and then immediately remove the mohair.

Lay a dry and clean beach towel down on a smooth surface, such as the ground or another flat surface. If your mohair piece is large, you can use two towels.

Place the mohair on a towel. Smoothen out wrinkles. You don’t need to stretch the mohair item, but just gently spread it out to let it dry evenly.

You can leave the mohair item on its own until it dries completely. It will take depending on how large and thick your mohair item is, a couple of hours to dry. The mohair piece should be stored flat or folded until it is ready to be used.

Blocking surfaces are great for queen and twin-sized beds. If you don’t own a washer, soak your mohair in the tub. Mohair can be hand-washed using wool clothing, as long as they are the same colours.

Do not dry mohair. It can cause irreparable harm. You can’t wash mohair with a light or dark color; it may cause bleed.