How To Fix A Stroller Tire

A stroller can have either air-filled (also called pneumatic) or non-air filled tires.

These tyres can be filled with air, just like the ones you would find on your car or bike. They are usually made of rubber and need to be inflated.

Most non-air filled tires are made of plastic and can last longer. Both types can be repaired or changed.


Pneumatic tires

Make sure that the tire is properly inflated. You should find information in your stroller’s owners manual about the right pressure for each tire. To check if your tyres are properly inflated, use an air pressure gauge. You can either remove excess air or pump the air to increase it.

Check to see if your tyre has enough air. You may have an issue with your tyre.

For any apparent holes, inspect the surface of your tyre. Leakages may cause a “hissing”, which can be annoying.

You can use a tire patch kit to fix any leaks. Check that the kit you purchase is compatible with your stroller model. The instructions provided with the kit will be followed.

You can replace your entire tire if it isn’t working, or if there are any leaks. To remove the old tyre, you can use your fingers or a set of pliers. You can place the new tyre onto the track. You should ensure that no portion of your new tyre touches the ground.

If none of these steps fail, you might consider replacing the whole wheel. It can be much easier than just replacing the tyre. For the right size, refer to your manual. You can either go to the store where the stroller was purchased to purchase replacement wheels or you may contact the manufacturer to obtain warranty parts. To remove the worn out wheel, use a spanner or pliers to release the bolts. The bolts should be tightened back into place after you insert the new wheel. You might also consider changing the bolts if you notice that they have become worn.

  • Verify that the tire is properly inflated.
  • Install the new tire on the track.
  • You can either go back to the place where the stroller was purchased to purchase a new wheel or you may contact the manufacturer to obtain a warranty on some parts.


A solid tyre

You should check which tire is causing you trouble. Examine the wheel to see if there are any obvious problems such as damage or dents. Take out any obstructions that could be making the stroller malfunction and then test it again.

To make your wheels roll smoother, grease them with WD-40 or another kind of lubricant.

If problems persist, contact the manufacturer. It may still be covered under warranty depending on its age. The company could be responsible for major repairs.

  • To determine the problem tyre, check this article.
  • It may be eligible for warranty depending upon the age and company of the stroller.

To find out which type of stroller the stroller uses, read the manual. Non-air-filled wheels don’t usually have separate wheels and tyres like air-filled ones. You will need to replace all the wheels if you want to change anything.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, replace the wheel. This will depend on which stroller you have. You will generally need to use a spanner, or screwdriver, to take out the old wheel and put in the new one.

You might consider taking your stroller into a shop for repair. This will save you money and ensure that the repair is done correctly. You can buy parts and have them repaired at a shop for less than the labour cost.

You should never use a stroller that is not aligned correctly or has broken wheels. It can result in you losing control over the stroller and putting your child at risk of injury. You should not replace a tyre, or wheel for the stroller unless it is specifically instructed.