How To Change Ignition Timing For A Tr6

The timing of an ignition on a Triumph TR6 must be set correctly to ensure proper engine operation. Timing is important for the proper operation of the engine. Performance will be affected if it’s not right. The timing of the 2.5-litre straight-6 TR6 engine, which is different from other cars can be changed by using a lamp and some tools.

Unplug the low tension lead connecting the distributor and the coil. You will bolt the coil to the engine block left of your distributor.

Attach a 12-volt lamp at one end to the distributor.

The crank bolt is located at the crankshaft pulley’s end, right in front the cooling fan. When looking from the front, turn the pulley clockwise so the indicator hole in the back is 3/8 inch to the left. The timing indicator is attached to the cover of the timing chain and pointed down above the crankshaft pullingey. It is important not to turn the pulley clockwise. This could damage the timing chain, and lead to an inaccurate reading. The fan and pulley should be moved in one smooth motion.

  • For optimum engine performance, it is important to set the ignition timing correctly on the Triumph TR6.
  • The timing indicator is attached to the cover of the timing chain and points downwards over the crankshaft pulley.

You can loosen the clamp at the base distributor by using a 1/2-inch wrench (13-mm). Slowly rotate the distributor clockwise, until the lamp turns on. You should find the point where the light comes on. The light should go out if the distributor is turned back just enough.

  • Use a 1/4-inch (13 mm) wrench to loosen the clamp on the base of the distributor. This will allow you to turn it around.
  • Slowly rotate the distributor clockwise until the light comes on.

At this point, tighten your distributor. The light will come back on if you tighten the clamp. Adjust the distributor so that the light is just gone out. Remove the bulb from the distributor. The low-tension cable should be connected to the distributor and coil.