What Is The Best Way To Contest A Will In Northern Ireland

UK wills, Northern Ireland clearly outline your final wishes and provide instructions on how your estate should be distributed. A will, a legally binding document that binds all parties to ensure everything goes smoothly and without any discrepancies.

You can contest the will of a person in Northern Ireland under UK law. The main reason is that it wasn’t in compliance with law. It didn’t make provision for dependents of the deceased. And there are sufficient facts to indicate that fraud or duress was involved.

  • UK wills clearly state your last wishes, with directions about the distribution of your assets.
  • It generally refers to three reasons. The will wasn’t prepared according to the law. There was no provision for the dependent of the deceased. Or there are sufficient facts to indicate that the will was made under duress.

To contest a Northern Ireland will, you need to be either a relative of the deceased or have an established relationship. You must have a direct connection between all parties. It is possible that you are disabled or you may have relied upon financial help from your deceased spouse.

Retain a lawyer (one proficient in UK probate law). Make sure you select a lawyer not affiliated with the will. Go to the Law Society of Northern Ireland website to locate a lawyer.

Send a copy to your attorney of the will. Explain why you are contesting the will. He will examine the will to determine if your case can be challenged under UK law.

  • Retain a lawyer (one proficient in UK probate law).
  • He will evaluate your will and determine if you have a case that is sufficient to make it invalid under UK law.

Contact your attorney to immediately appeal to Northern Ireland’s court. The court has to stop assets being distributed. Even though a court could insist on the recall of assets, once they are distributed it might take time. In some cases, it may not even be possible to retrieve them. If cash is distributed, it could have been used and may prove to be hard to trace.

Ask your lawyer to prepare your case in order to challenge the will. The court will set a time for the hearing in Northern Ireland.

Your lawyer will accompany you to court. You will have your case heard, and you will receive a decision.

Your lawyer may not agree with your claim. You might be able to get another opinion, but this could lead to more costs and the same result.