Are Toning Tables Really Effective

A lot of people are obsessed with getting thin and fit. There have been a lot of exercise and diet crazes that help them reach their goal. One set of equipment that looks too good to true is the Toning Tables. You lie down on the machine and it will go through the motions, delivering the results to your body.


Considered Benefits

Toning tables allow you to perform a series of exercise movements with very little effort. Many people claim they notice results quickly after using these machines. The goal is not to lose weight, but to tone the muscles and increase strength. Toning tables could be an option for those with mobility issues or who can’t do traditional aerobic and weight bearing exercises. Toning tables can help people with mobility problems lose inches, increase flexibility and improve posture. These machines can be purchased for at home, however they come with a high price tag, costing hundreds of dollars. Toning beds can also be found in many salons.

  • Tones tables allow you to perform a variety of exercise movements with very little effort.


The Mechanics

People often believe that toner tables simply allow the machine to do the job. It isn’t true. These machines can be set up to place the body so it can focus on specific muscle groups. To get the best out of the machine’s motion, perform isometric exercise. You can isometrically exercise by either tightening or holding a muscle, or simply moving slowly. Itometric exercises are very common in yoga and Pilates. Tones tables are a great way to add some intensity to an isometric movement. The sit-up machine is a good example. You can see it as a hospital mattress, with hinges in the middle that allow for its elevation and lowering. As if you are going to do a crunch or sit-up on your own, the machine will ask that your abdominal muscles be held tight. The machine will raise and lower your upper body. Because your muscles contract, your body moves in the same way as you would if doing the sit up. These types of machines, first created by Bernard H. Stauffer, a biochemist for his polio-stricken sibling, are still in existence since the 1950s.

  • Many people believe that toning table users are simply lying on their backs and letting machines do all of the work.
  • To get the best out of the machine’s motion, perform isometric exercises.


Take into account

Before you begin any toning tables program, consult your doctor. You should take special care if you are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis. The tables can cause an increase in heart rate and injury.