What Is A Roofing Filter

A roofing fillet, which is mainly used for flat roofs and felt houses, can be found in the following: These triangle-shaped fillets can be found near chimneys or walls and are made from wood in triangular shapes. Rooffillets allow rainwater to flow off your roof correctly by allowing it to dry properly.

  • A roofing fillet, which is primarily used on the flat roofs and felt of homes, can be found in this category.
  • These triangle-shaped fillets can be placed next to a wall or chimney and are made from wood.



Its primary purpose is to stop rain water from pooling on roofs or flowing down chimneys or walls. Roof fillets can also be used to protect roof joints.



Triangular wood pieces are used to make roofing fillets. These are typically made of 2-inch squares of wood that have been cut into 45 degree triangle shapes. The roof will be angled if they are placed underneath the slates.


More Details

The roof fillets prevent water from getting in the chimney or walls. This fillet forces water to flow to the gutters.