Traditional Christening Toasts

A toast is a wonderful honor at a baptism or christening. Maybe you’re the godparent. You’re there to help the child grow spiritually, but it’s hard to know what you should say after you have raised a glass during the celebratory celebration. You don’t have to be worried. Toasts for christenings or baptisms can follow one of many traditional patterns. If you remember these points, your toast should be successful.


Keep your eyes on the gift

A toast is traditionally made by a godparent to a baby who has just been christened. It is likely that anyone who requests a toast for christening will choose a unique gift to honor the baby’s future and your relationship. Tell us about your gift and the reasons you gave it.


Talk about Parents

Although it can be difficult to discuss your intimate relationship with the child’s parents after the birth, if you are the godparent, you will likely have significant connections with them. You can discuss your relationship with them, how you met and what kind of parents they are. You can also talk about your influence and how you wish to influence the new christened child’s life.


Toast the extended family of your child

The christening usually brings together the extended family of the baby, and relatives on both the parents’ side of the family make a special trip to celebrate the event. Ask the godparent to ask parents who they would like to toast. Family members have been honored in toasts for generations. This is done by saying how fortunate the child was to be born into this family. It is also possible to highlight special roles played by relatives in the child’s life. It is a good idea to mention any siblings, who might or may not be thrilled to have a baby brother/sister but who are sure to enjoy being called out.

  • A christening brings together extended relatives of the baby, often with family members from both the parents and the grandparents making trips to the event.
  • In tradition, the toast honors family members by saying how blessed this child is to have been born into such an extended family.


Speak up for the baby’s future

The baby’s entire life is set before him when he is christened. Everyone at the christening doesn’t know what will happen, but they are there to support the parents as their child begins his new life. An excellent christening toast looks into the future and invites everyone to support the new child in his journey to become the person he is meant to be.