How To Turn Off The Check Engine Light On A Mercedes

Like most cars, the Mercedes has a “check engine” indicator light. This light illuminates when there is an issue and reminds you about your service requirements. This light will turn on when your vehicle reaches certain mileage limits. Within a matter of minutes, you can turn off the check engine light in your Mercedes.

Turn the car off by inserting the key into the ignition switch. The display is located between the speedometer, the tachometer in the instrument cluster.

To the left of the steering wheel, press the lower left button. On the left side, there are four buttons. Push the button and the display will show why the check engine lamp is on. It is usually a sign that your car needs service. You can push the lower left button again to display the vehicle mileage.

  • As with all Mercedes vehicles, the Mercedes is fitted with an indicator light that indicates that there are “check engines”.
  • The display will show the reason why your check engine light has been lit after you push the button.

To the left of the steering wheel, press the lower right button. This will show you why the “check engine light” is on.

The reset button is located on the left-hand side of the instrument cluster. Hold the reset button down until it says “To reset” for three seconds.

Press the reset button once more and keep the button in place until the display shows that the system is reset. A display will inform you about the next service date based upon mileage.

When the check engine light turns on, take your Mercedes to service. While the “check engine” light might be on for something minor, there’s always the possibility of having a more serious problem. Before a little problem turns into a bigger one, it is best to get your vehicle serviced. You can unplug the positive battery cable from your car for 30 seconds in order to turn off your check engine light. It is not advised as the problem code will be lost.