How To Open A Chat Line Business

Since long time, chat lines (also known as hotlines by telephone) have existed. Chat lines were originally used for news updates and weather information. Today, they are most popularly used by singles looking to meet up and get advice from psychics. Customers are charged per minute for calling in a chat-line call. Chat-line charges can run from 60p up to over PS2 per hour. Chat line businesses can be set up from any location and can offer any specialty you wish. Before you start a chat business, it is important to plan.

Select a topic for your chatline. You can create a chat line to help singles find a partner or date, make friends in certain regions, and trade info about celebrities or sports. A niche allows you to target advertisements more effectively and will make your chat line stand out from others.

  • Chat lines are also called telephone hotlines and have been around for many decades.
  • Your chat line could be used to connect singles looking for partners or dates, or to make friends within a specific region. It can also serve as a psychic chatline, or for people who want to exchange information on sports and celebrities.

Advertisements and promotional materials you create must not violate the law.

After naming the chat business, obtain an assumed name certificate and a tax ID number from your state.

You can purchase a number for a company. This number will be used to call people and will cost them a fixed fee per minute. A one-time fee will be charged that ranges from PS390 to PS780. Then, a monthly maintenance fee between PS16 and PS48 per year, depending on the features of your 900 number.

You can advertise your chat number by creating a local advertisement, starting a blog or website, and placing advertisements in niche magazines or websites.