How To Take A Touran Stereo Offline

Volkswagen Touran already comes equipped with an AM/FM and CD player. You must remove the original stereo to make it compatible with an aftermarket stereo. It is possible to do this using a few simple tools.

  • Volkswagen Touran already includes an OEM CD-player, AM/FM receiver and factory issued CD-player.
  • To upgrade your stereo system to an after-market one with more features such as MP3 players or satellite navigation, first you need to remove the existing stereo.

By twisting an adjustable wrench, disconnect the negative wire from the car’s battery terminal.

You can remove four corners of radio trim panels using a flat tool such as a kitchen spatula. Begin on the right-hand side, and then work your way to the left. Take off the radio trim.

Take out the bolts that secure the radio to your dashboard.

The factory stereo should be removed from your dashboard.

The thick, black antenna cable is located at the rear of your factory stereo.

Remove the radio wire harness connector from the rear of the factory stereo.