How To Replacing A Rice Horse Trailer Floor

Poor flooring can pose a danger to horses in the Rice Horse Trailer. However, it’s not difficult to fix. You should have basic knowledge of construction to be able handle this task. A rice trailer’s double floor has planks and plywood on the bottom. Double floors offer extra protection for your horse and provide more shock absorption for their legs.

  • A bad floor in a Rice Horse Trailer could be hazardous to your horse. But don’t fret, because it is easy to change the flooring.

You will need to measure the floor prior to removing it. As you are going to be re-creating the floor, this will give you a guideline. You can also check for weld problems on the frame, and repair any weld joint if necessary.

Take out old flooring. You should be careful as old flooring could pop up, causing injury to you and others. To help with removal, a crowbar is a good tool.

Once the plywood is cut, lay it down. Secure it by securing it in the center and two inches to each side of the frame.

The plywood should be laid with the interlocking planks (or grooved). These are typically two- to three inches wide. Because they can be glued together under horse weight and are easy to install, interlocking planks will work well. Three holes should be drilled at two inches in front, middle, and back. Screw the planks to the ground with heavy-duty screws.

  • This is a dangerous job. Old flooring could cause injury to you and others around you.
  • Because they can be interlocked, they work well because they remain together under horses’ weight and are also easier to put in.

Use a wood treatment on the planks to prevent them from rotting.

You can install rubber matting or non-skid rubber mats on the floor. It is necessary for animals safety, and helps them to balance within the trailer.

Most licensed contractors are capable of repairing flooring if you need help.