How To Disable Anti Theft On Ford

Ford vehicles have an active as well passive anti-theft system. A passive anti-theft system is comprised an ignition key with a transponder which signals the engine’s start. This cannot be changed by any other than licensed dealers. It takes only minutes to disarm and then reset the factory alarm.

For the alarm to be deactivated, simply press the unlock key on your car’s key fob. To unlock your driver’s door if you have lost the remote control for your car, the PATS programed key can be used. Next, insert the key into the ignition. Turn the key to “on”. You should see the vehicle’s battery on but not its engine.

  • Ford vehicles have an active and passive system for antitheft.
  • You can use the PATS program key to open the driver’s door if you have lost your car remote.

Under the dashboard’s driver side, locate the override switch. The alarm will sound once it has triggered. If the LED light blinking for the alarm stops, it means that the anti-theft system has been disabled.

Put the PATS key into the ignition to reset your vehicle’s alarm. Turn the key to “on”. The override button can be pressed. The alarm will chirp two times before the LED light starts blinking.