The 10 Best Photo Resizer Apps On Android And Iphone

The 10 Best Photo Resizer Apps On Android And Iphone
The 10 Best Photo Resizer Apps On Android And Iphone

Rarely is a photograph we take or import exactly the size we need. Image resizing software is needed to resize images. You may also be interested in shrinking an image, or if you just need to make a smaller device look better. This article will cover the 10 top image resizer apps that both iOS and Android users can use.

The essential features an image-resizing application should possess.

Image resizing can be used to upload images on social media and fill in online forms. Although it may sound easy, choosing the best app can prove difficult. You should ensure the quality of the compressed image does not compromise when you are searching for an app that can resize it on Android and iOS.

Let’s now take a look at some hand-picked photo resizer applications for Android and iOS.

The Best Photo Resizer Apps Android & iOS

1. Image Size

The first app in our collection allows you to resize images. You can specify the output format as cms, inches or pixels. You can also email, print or share the resized images. Select an image to resize using Image Size.


  • You have four options to resize your : inches, centimeters (pixel), pixel and mm
  • Easy to Use
  • The quality of images is unaffected
  • Size by resolution or percentage

2. PicsArt

PicsArt is another great photo editor app that works on iOS and Android. PicsArt is a great photo editing app that looks almost like an editor. However, its image resizing options are amazing. PicsArt allows you to resize images by tapping the + icon > Edit. After selecting the image, click the Tools button. The Resize option will appear. Enter the values you want to resize your image.

  • Image quality
  • Best image resizing app
  • App for iOS and Android to resize images at high quality.
  • Works with lower image resolution

These are two of the most widely used apps for iOS and Android users. The following is a listing of Android and iOS apps that can be used as standalone applications.

3. Image Resized

The iPhone version of this app allows for quick image editing and a interactive interface. It can be used to share images on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is optimized for iOS 4.3 and has a trial version. You can test the app and, if you’re satisfied with its performance, you can purchase the full version.


  • Compatible with iOS HTML3_ 9.0 and later
  • Batch resizing
  • Customized file size
  • Last image

4. Shrink Photos – Photo Compress

Shrink Pics allows you to save your disk space by compressing large photos. Amazing app that reduces the image size. This can compress a single photo, multiple photos, or entire albums. It allows you to adjust the JPG compression strength and can compress images without resizing. The preview feature allows you to see the quality of your images as well as determine the disk space available for recovery.


  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • You can delete original images and keep resized
  • One-shot or Batch Image Resizing App
  • Compatibility with iOS

5. Image Resizer: Reduce & Resize

The Image Resizer: Resize & Reduce app for iOS can instantly reduce the size of an image to a certain KB, or MB. You can set the size you want to shrink the app’s image, without losing quality. You can also reduce the size of your image proportionally, e.g. You can reduce the size of the image by 50% and then save it into your gallery. You will find it amazing.


  • You can easily reduce your image’s size to KB or even MB
  • Size by pixels, or percent
  • Resizes the image at a specified resolution
  • Ad-free

6. Photo & Picture Resizer

It is quick to use and works with Android phones. The app will automatically share the finished version of the image once it has been merged with its output. You can also shrink the size of your image without having to compromise the quality. The aspect ratio of the photo and picture resizing apps is maintained. It is the smartest and most efficient image resizer app for Android.


  • Simple and clear interface
  • Tutorial to make it easy to understand the app
  • You can replace the original photo with resized
  • The cropping option is also available

7. Reducing the size of your photo

Reduce Photo Size App has a simple interface that is easy to understand. It allows you to compress images quickly and easily. You can select photos from your photo gallery. Although you can’t resize exactly, the app offers the ability to reduce. The reduce tab offers several options to decrease the size. Rotate, share, save and do many other things once the image has been reduced in size.


  • Meets all basic requirements
  • The quality of images is unaffected
  • Multi-lingual
  • Share image on social media

8. The Best Photo Resizer

Best Photos Resizer is another great Android app that allows you to resize your images. You can choose photos directly from your gallery, or use the camera to click. It also allows you to select between the reduced and larger size options for social media. The drop-down menu allows you to shrink an image up or down by a certain percentage.


  • Reduce image sizes to reduce device memory
  • To meet the requirements of social media accounts, reduce image size
  • Any dimension can be resized
  • Create a social media image

9. You can resize photos (Photo Scaler).

You can launch PhotoScaler by tapping anywhere on your screen to choose the image that you want to resize. You can resize images using this app in multiple resolutions. You can also reduce photos’ sizes from both local and remote media, such as Picassa or Google Drive. You can resize images by adding them to the app. Next, choose the resolution option. To view details on how the images will be resized, you can tap the photo. In your gallery, you have the option to replace images or images with similar looks. You can also remotely find files you want to resize.


  • Simple, fast, and simple
  • Use this image resizer tool to shrink the file size in
  • Access images from remote and local locations
  • Resize images in the folder

10. Photo Resizer HD

Photo Resizer HD, which offers several image resizing options, is the last item on our list. You can also adjust the SHARPENING settings to choose from Low, Medium and High. This app allows you to resize and shrink images, as well as compress them. You can also upload modified images to social networks.


  • Sharpen photos after resize
  • You can customize the size and quality
  • Save and share shrink images to an SD card

This is the definitive list of best photo resizer applications. Some are cross-platform, while some are only available for Android and iOS. These tools can be used easily to crop and resize images, without losing the original quality.