How To Repair Mephisto Shoes

Mephisto Shoes are high quality products made by skilled craftsmen using traditional materials such as leather and cork. Mephisto footwear is durable, but repeated use over time can cause damage. You can repair your Mephisto shoes at home, and avoid paying the expensive fees of a professional. Use a soapy, damp cloth to scrub the … Read more

How To Paint Over Smoke Damaged Walls

An event that is as significant as a fire can lead to smoke damage on walls. Or it could be as simple as lighting a small candle. It causes ugly black marks on walls and ceilings and can also cause discolouration. The problem can be temporarily fixed by painting the wall over the smoke, but … Read more

How To Clean The Pebble Dash

Pebble-dash refers to a form of stucco where pebbles are embedded. Pebble-dash can be found on walls, walkways, and exteriors. Exposure to elements can cause it to become stained or dirty. Regular cleanings will keep your pebbledash looking new. Pay attention to the pebbledash surface. Do not try to repair cracks and holes in the … Read more