How To Clean The Pebble Dash

Pebble-dash refers to a form of stucco where pebbles are embedded. Pebble-dash can be found on walls, walkways, and exteriors. Exposure to elements can cause it to become stained or dirty. Regular cleanings will keep your pebbledash looking new.

Pay attention to the pebbledash surface. Do not try to repair cracks and holes in the pebble-dash surface. You could let water seep through your holes and cause cracks to grow or worsen, eventually causing damage below the pebbledash. Make sure to complete any repairs before you clean.

  • Pebble-dash can be described as a kind of stucco that has pebbles embedded.
  • It is possible for water to get through the cracks, leading to the cracks becoming wider or deeper and causing damage below the pebbledash.

Use a spray nozzle to clean the pebbledash of dirt, dust, and buildup.

Heat water in a kettle. Pour 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap into a gallon of hot water. You can use a stucco soap instead if the pebbledash is very dirty or stained. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to dilute the cleaner with water.

A medium-sized bristle toothbrush should be dipped in the soapy water. A large-handled bristle toothbrush with a long handle is best for larger surfaces. To remove any dirt, stains or residue from the pebble-dash, use the bristle brush.

  • To remove dust, dirt and other buildup from the pebble-dash, spray it with a hose.
  • Use a brush to scrub the pebble-dash clean of all dirt, stains, and residue.

To remove any soap residue, spray the pebble-dash using a hose. Spray from the top. Let it air dry.

To clean pebble-dash, never use bleach or acid. Cracks can result from them eating away at the surface. Pebble-dash should not be washed with a pressure washer. It is best to only use a low-pressure water hose.