How To Grow Puffballs

Once you decide to gather wild mushrooms, you will need to rely on a reference guide or an experienced mushroom hunter to ensure your safety. Numerous varieties of mushrooms are poisonous, making gathering dangerous for the novice. The puffball is one species that is good for the beginner because the mature mushrooms don’t have poisonous … Read more

How To Grow A Guarana Plant

Cultivate the guarana bush (Paullinia cupana) and experience one of the wonders of the Brazilian rainforest. Guarana is a climbing shrub that gets as tall as 35 to 40 feet. Because of the high humidity, full sun and height requirements, growing guarana is a project for the dedicated tropical plant enthusiast or herbalist. Amazon tribes … Read more

How To Grow Manuka Trees

Manuka trees (Leptospermum Scotarium) can be found in New Zealand. These trees are multi-trunked and small, so they resemble more shrubs than trees. Many are called “tea tree” because European settlers first made tea with the leaves. The distinctive shredding bark of the trees and the long, narrow leaves make them recognizable. The spring blooms … Read more