How To Make Jelly Pellets For Fishing

Regular compound feed pellets were originally made to provide compact, concentrated food for domesticated animals and farmed fish. They are commonly used by anglers as bait but once in the water they will start to break down. Adding gelatine will give the pellets a firmer consistency, meaning they are less likely to fall off your … Read more

How To Use A Polaris Fishing Float

Polaris produce a range of sliding floats. One of the advantages they have over other floats is that they slide up the reel line until they find the right depth. This means that you can cast into different depths without having to apply stoppers or adjust your rig. Polaris use a special “Frixon” system that … Read more

Scotland Crab Fishing

The fishing of crab has been practiced in Scotland since at least the 13th century. Seafood Scotland reports that fishing in Scotland’s small coastal cities is a significant industry today. While crabs may be found close to the shore, professional crab fishermen use crab boats in deeper waters. 1 Lage According to Encyclopaedia British Islands … Read more