How To Make Fake Black Teeth

Blacking out a tooth or two adds a sinister touch to pirate, hobo and witch costumes.Black teeth also work as an alarming practical joke.Black paints and make-up items such as eyeliner may blacken your teeth short-term, but moisture in the mouth quickly dissolves markings from enamel surfaces.Using black wax is the best way to make … Read more

How To Distinguish A Fake Tissot T Touch

The Swiss watch brand Tissot has been around since 1853. It went international in 1858 when Charles-Emile Tissot, the son of the company founder, started selling pocketwatches in Russia. The success has led many others to make replicas and imitations of Tissots. As of 2010, a genuine Tissot T-Touch watch cost between £260 to £390, … Read more