How To Fix A Warped Cue Stick

Pool cue shafts should be straight to give the player the best performance during games. If the shaft is warped or bent, the pool balls will not roll where the player wants them to. Though preventing the warpage in the first place is preferable to trying to fix it later, there are some methods for … Read more

How To Improve The Tip Of A Snooker Cue

Altering or replacing the tip of a snooker cue will noticeably improve control and overall performance of the stick. The tip of the snooker cue makes direct contact with the ball and absorbs a large amount of the impact force. These collisions may cause the tip to wear, compact or misalign with the end of … Read more

How Do I Replace The Cue Ferrules In

When the cue hits a ball, much of pressure is transferred to the ferrule which is a band of plastic, metal, or ivory around the edge of the pool cue. The break cues are much more susceptible to ferrule problems that cues in other areas of the game. Royal advises you to check the … Read more