How To Bleed The Clutch In A Ford Focus

The hydraulic clutch assembly in your Ford Focus should not require bleeding unless the system has been opened for repair. The clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder come as a complete assembly so overhauling the hydraulic system is not an option. It is recommended that the brake system be bled first if required, since the … Read more

How To Break A Hydraulic Clutch On A Ford

The hydraulic clutch system is a significant improvement on the old mechanical ones. But mechanical systems can still be subject to normal wear. Regular maintenance is necessary for the linkage and cable system. Hydraulic clutches only require service if a component of the clutch has been replaced or repaired. Ford’s hydraulic clutch system can only … Read more

How To Replace A Clutch In A Ford Ranger

Replacing the clutch in your Ford Ranger is fairly simple and takes about two hours. Your Ranger’s clutch should be replaced every 90,000 to 100,000 miles, sooner if it the clutch plate shows wear or fails. A new clutch for a Ranger typically costs PS65 to PS130, depending on the brand. Remove the exterior parts, … Read more