Nfa Match Regulations

NFA is the National Federation of Anglers in England. They hold fishing matches following a strict set of rules. NFA, in collaboration with the Angling Trust Organisation promotes management of fisheries along with fighting against invasive species and illegal fishing. NFA and Angling Trust Organization host matches and competitions that include sea competitions, course competitions and games. National Federation of Anglers owns the match rules.



At the match headquarters, as well as in all brochures and literature, the times of the match must be announced. For any National Federation of Anglers event, the maximum time allowed is five hours.



NFA matches must be sat out with numbered pegs that identify the fishing zones for each match. Match participants draw a number to determine the area they want to fish. A 20-yard distance is the ideal zone for the two pegs. One meter can be fished by each competitor from one side to the other of his/her peg. A competitor may not fish within one meter of another fisherman’s peg.

  • Each match must have a staked-out and numbered line that indicates the fishing area.
  • Match participants draw a number to determine their match.



All fish caught by a competitor should be kept in a proper net. All competitors must take all possible measures to ensure that the fish is kept alive throughout the match. Match competitors are responsible for returning fish safely to water once they have weighed it.



One rod or one fishing line should be used by each match competitor. Except for live fish or frog spinning bait, any bait that meets the match requirements can be used. Match competitors must not have any fish in their possession before the match. The judges reserve the right of searching the fishing equipment of match competitors.

  • Only one fishing rod should be used by each match participant.
  • Fish of any type should be removed from the hands of match competitors prior to the match.


Competition Movement/Interaction

Competitors must catch their own fish. No equipment can be exchanged between match competitors during the match. At any time during the match, a match competitor can’t leave their assigned peg and then return to it later. During the match, the competitor may enter the water to the knees. Every match competitor must keep to the peg designated until their fish is weighed by an officer.

  • Competitors must catch their own fish.
  • Match competitors cannot abandon their designated pegs at any time during the match, and then return to them later.


Breaching the Rules

Match competitors who are found in contravention with the NFA rules may be asked to quit the match.