Regulations For Mezzanine Floors

The mezzanine is an economically viable way to add space to an existing structure. Nick Hardy’s Ezine article about mezzanine floor explained that a mezzanine is a floor created between the existing floor and roof. An example of a mezzanine in theatres is the floor between the first and second floors. But this may not be the norm. The term “club level” seating is what stadiums refer to using the mezzanine.



To ensure adequate headroom in the mezzanine area and for the spaces below, it must be built according to building regulations. Nick Hardy (mezzanine floor regulations) and The General Guide to Meszzanine Floors indicate that the mezzanine ceiling height is 14.7ft. This ensures adequate headroom between the ground floor and ceiling, as well as the mezzanine floors and ceiling above.


Be aware of your weight

All mezzanines can be or should not be created in the exact same way. While some mezzanines are used for storage, others can be used to increase office space. There are many uses that require different weight considerations. Nick Hardy and The General Guide suggest that an average mezzanine must support 500 kg/m2. For lighter loads, mezzanines designed for light duty (e.g., those with no dividing walls) can support lighter loads. When drawing plans, your engineer and architect will evaluate your load requirements.

  • All mezzanines can be or should not be created in the exact same way.
  • Lighter duty mezzanines can have lower loads, because they don’t need to be divided between rooms.


Fire Safety

Fire regulations must be adhered to when building your mezzanine. According to the General Guide, the most important thing you need to think about is how far your mezzanine will be from the ground. Before construction of a mezzanine, plans must be approved by the local fire department. The mezzanine floor creates a fire-resistant ceiling. Fire safety authorities recommend one-hour-fire-rated tile, with 12-hour tiles placed between any mezzanine dividers. Specific requirements will be provided by your fire safety authorities.

  • Fire regulations must be adhered to when you build your mezzanine.



A mezzanine floor should also be constructed with railings. According to the General Guide, there are three minimum requirements: a handrail and a low-height, knee-high kick rail.