How To Refinish Powder Coated Patio Furniture

Although powder coatings last longer than paint, eventually outdoor furniture may need to be refinished. You can either strip the furniture and start again or paint it over. A powder-coated finish will not be removed unless the work was done correctly. A powder coat is equivalent to three to four coats paint. Commercially bought furniture may only require one coat of powder. However, powder coats by well-respected shops can have up to three or four coats.

  • Although powder coating lasts for longer than paint, eventually your patio furniture will need to be refinished.
  • You can refinish powder-coated furniture in two ways: strip it first and then start again, or paint the surface.

You can examine the existing powder-coated finish and decide if it is necessary to remove the powder, or whether it can be painted over. Are the colors faded or are they just fading? Are there any peeling, chipping or scratch marks?

You can sand all of the surface to remove any dirt or prepare for a new finish if the finish is not corroded. Powdered paint will not adhere to paint if it hasn’t been scratched. Make sure you sand everything.

If the finish appears to be damaged, you can strip the powder. You can power wash to remove any dirt or loose powder.

  • You can sand all of the surface to remove dirt, rust and contaminate the finish.
  • If the finish you are using is not satisfactory, strip the powder.

To speed the process, use a chemical stripper. The commercial product can be used to remove up to 8 to 9 coats of paint. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The stripper should be applied with a disposable toothbrush. Let it rest for at least the suggested time before you scrape away the remaining residue. Repeat if necessary.

Use a sandblaster if possible to remove the furniture. Sandblasting may heat powder and create a sticky mess which must be removed. It takes time to learn how to remove powder by sandblasting.

If the metal is left unaltered, sand the entire surface.

Spray paint, or a spray gun to apply a primer for smoother results than with a brush. Spraying paint should be done with the sprayer or can moving. This will reduce any buildup of paint and minimize drips. For a uniform, smooth coating on all surfaces, make two-three passes. Alternatively, you can use a roller to smoothen the surface. However it may be more challenging to work in tight areas. Let the primer dry.

  • Use a sandblaster to strip the furniture if you have one.
  • Spray paint, or a paint sprayer can be used to apply a primer of high quality. This will make the job easier than if you were using a paintbrush.

For a smooth finish, sand the primer.

If possible, use a sprayer to apply high-quality paint. Follow the same procedure as for the primer coat. Keep the sprayer in motion and make several passes. After the primer coat has dried, you can sand gently and then apply a second coat.

Before you start using the furniture, let the paint dry completely. It can take between two and three weeks depending on what type of paint it is to cure completely. Allow the paint to dry completely before applying it. This will ensure a smooth and long-lasting surface finish.

  • For a smooth finish, sand the primer.
  • Before you start using the furniture, let the paint dry completely.

Alternate chemicals, such as Acetone to soften the powder can be used. The residue should then be scraped off. It is best to leave the powder in its original form as it serves as a protective, anti-rust base for paint.

Wear proper protection when using chemical substances.