How To Open The Lockshield Valve

The lockshield valves in plumbing systems are used to turn on and off radiators by opening or closing the water supply. You can identify the valves by an Allen key bolt. They are located within the piping near the radiator. As winter approaches, you might open the lockshield radiator valves and switch on your office’s radiators. Each valve should be opened for approximately one minute.

  • In plumbing systems, lockshield valves can be used to shut off or open water supply to radiators.

The valve is located near the skirting boards. This is where the radiator’s piping comes in.

Insert a #6 Allen Key into the valve bolt. Or, you can rotate the screw cap clockwise

For the valve to be opened, rotate the bolt clockwise several times. The radiator will start to heat up.

To close the valve, turn the Allen key counterclockwise.