Casio Watches That Beep Every Hour

A watch will help you track the time, no matter if you are exercising, working or relaxing. Casio watches come with an hourly signal feature that makes the watch beep every hour. If you do not wish to hear the sound, such as when recording an audio file, this may cause your watch to stop. This feature can be disabled using the watch’s menu option.

To switch from “Alarm Mode” to the “D” button located in your watch’s lower-left corner press “D”.

For the Signal screen, press the E button in your watch’s lower-right corner.

The hourly time signal can be disabled by pressing the “C”, located at the watch’s lower-left corner. If the hourly-time signal icon (a clock) is turned off, it will no longer be visible on your screen.

  • Wearing a watch can help you stay on top of the times, whether you’re working, exercising, or just relaxing.
  • For the hourly time signal to be disabled, you can press the “C”, button in your watch’s lower-left corner.