How To Improve The Tip Of A Snooker Cue

Altering or replacing the tip of a snooker cue will noticeably improve control and overall performance of the stick. The tip of the snooker cue makes direct contact with the ball and absorbs a large amount of the impact force. These collisions may cause the tip to wear, compact or misalign with the end of … Read more

How To Clean Composite Marble

Marble is a stone that is used in fine building work. It is fashionable for tub surrounds and showers, as floor tile, fireplace surrounds and table tops. It may be white or coloured and it is porous and easily stained. Also, it can be etched by acids. Cleaning marble is not difficult, but it must … Read more

How To Donate Dentures

Isao Miyoshi has started a non-profit organisation called the The Japan Denture Recycle Association to raise cash donations for UNICEF, by using donated dentures. Miyoshi runs a dental lab producing new dentures from moulds. He realised that when new dentures are made, old pairs are thrown away, and this sparked the idea of recycling the … Read more