How to Add a Geico Insurance Card to Apple Wallet?

How to Add a Geico Insurance Card to Apple Wallet
How to Add a Geico Insurance Card to Apple Wallet

A Geico insurance card can be added to Apple Wallet. – It’s simple to access insurance documentation when you need it by adding your Geico insurance card to Apple Wallet. You can quickly add your Geico insurance card to your Apple wallet by following the instructions.

Step 1: Download the Geico app for iPhone.
Install the iPhone version of the Geico mobile app. To add your insurance card to Apple Wallet on your iPhone, you must have the Geico app installed. Simply search for Geico in the App Store on your iPhone and download the GEICO Mobile app.

2 Log in to the Geico mobile app.
The blue-and-white “G” icon for the Geico app can be found on your home screen once it has been installed. To start the app and log in, tap this icon. Then, follow the on-screen directions.

The account details you use to access your policy information at can be used to log in. Tap Forgot User ID/Password? to reset your password if you can’t recall it.
Tap Sign Up to create an account if you don’t already have one on or the app. You’ll need this information to create your account, so keep it close to hand.

3 Click on View ID Cards. This can be seen close to the center of the screen. This shows an electronic insurance card.

4 Click Add to Wallet in Apple.This black emblem with a colorful wallet can be seen at the base of your insurance card.

5 In the top-right corner, select Add. Your card will now be added to your Apple Wallet.

Your insurance card can be located in the Wallet app, Swipe through the cards in your Apple wallet and tap the Geico card when you need to show proof of insurance. This shows all of your insurance details on a convenient screen.