How to Activate a Double Tap Screen

How to Activate a Double Tap Screen
How to Activate a Double Tap Screen

Learn how to use the double-tap gesture to wake up your Samsung, LG, or Huawei smartphone or tablet in this post. If you don’t find your specific phone listed here, you can still use these instructions on other Android devices because many of them will be comparable.

Method 1 of 3 Activating Double-Tap on a Samsung

1 :Go to the settings.

2: Press the Lock button. To discover this under “Themes,” which is normally in the third group of menu selections, you might have to scroll.

3: Always On Display Tap. This menu item is located next to a toggle feature, which you might have to turn on in order to access it.

4: Choose Tap to show. You can tap or double-tap to see your screen after selecting this option. Swipe down to open your Quick Settings menu, then touch “Always On Display” to turn the feature off.

Method 2 of 3: Turning on the LG Double-Tap

1: Access Settings

2: Tap Motions. To find this menu choice, you might need to scroll.

3: Check the box next to KnockON.

Activating Huawei’s Double-Tap in: Method 3 of 3

1: Go to the settings.

2: Tap Smart Assistance two times. This choice is towards the bottom of the menu, so you might have to scroll down to locate it.

3: Tap Gestures & Shortcuts. With “One-handed mode,” this is typically in the third cluster of menu selections.

4: Press the Wake screen button. It is located in the center of the menu.

5: The switch adjacent to “Double-tap to wake” must be activated by tapping it.