How Do I Convert International Serrapeptase Units Into Milligrams

Serrapeptase, an enzyme found originally in the intestines silkworms’s. It’s used as a holistic treatment for blood clots, arterial disease and other problems. Serrapeptase’s active ingredient is measured in international units. These represent an agreed-upon amount of a biological element (serrapeptase) that will cause a specific effect. Serrapeptase concentrations can vary from one supplier to another. This is why you need to take this into consideration when measuring milligram doses.

  • Serrapeptase is an enzyme that was originally discovered in the intestines silkworms.
  • Concentrations of serrapeptase may vary between suppliers. Therefore, when you measure doses per milligram, you should take this into consideration.

Look at the product details to determine the conversion standard used by the manufacturer. There may be a wide range of conversion standards used by different suppliers. A company could have a standard that is 20,000 IU per mlg, but another might be using 2,000.

If you do not see the conversion factor listed in the product information, please contact the supplier.

Divide the total number of international units of serrapeptase by the amount of international units per gram for this particular supplier. You will get the milligrams. You can divide the 10,000 IU serrapeptase by the 2,000 IU per mg of that brand to give you a total of five milligrams.