How To Connect A Pc To The Humax Pvr 9200t

The Humax PVR-9200T is a high-definition personal video recorder that captures television programs on a hard drive. Like any hard drive device, the Humax has a finite storage capacity. By hooking up the PVR to a PC or laptop, you can offload digital programming to the computer and delete files on the Humax PVR, opening … Read more

How To Feed Friesian Horses

Although it is used worldwide, the Friesian horse is native to the Netherlands, excelling at carriage driving, showing and dressage. It is considered a medium build horse — heavier than Arabs and Thoroughbreds, and lighter than Shires and Percherons. The breed is characterised by an attractive head, feathers on the legs, an extravagant action and … Read more

How To Determine Padlock Sizes

Padlocks are available in sizes from miniature to extra large for securing your valuables. Taking correct measurements of a padlock will determine if it will fit on the item you are securing. The opening inside the shackle must accommodate the length and width of the locked item so it can close securely. The shackle diameter … Read more

How To Activate A Subway Card

Activating your Subway Card makes purchasing your Subway sandwiches faster while at the same time earning points toward rewards and promotional offers. They were introduced in 2006 and work as a rewards card. You collect points on your card for spending money on sandwiches.You can use your card to earn rewards which typically consists of … Read more

How To Replace A Ford Fiesta Windscreen Washer Pump

The Ford Fiesta’s windscreen washer pump releases washer fluid to clean the windscreen. The spray increases visibility by clearing away debris. When then windscreen washer pump motor begins to wear out or stops working altogether, it no longer delivers fluid to the windscreen. In that event, replace it. Removing the old pump and replacing it … Read more

How To Reset A Honda Navigation System

Some Honda vehicles are equipped with navigation systems that use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to detect their current locations. The system provides directions to navigate to other locations. However, the system may lose track of its current location and provide inaccurate information. If this happens, the system should be reset so it can calibrate … Read more