How To Inflate Helium Balloons

Every helium balloon, no matter how beautiful or large they may be, eventually falls. Untreated latex balloons can fall in a matter of days, while Mylar balloons may float for several weeks. While the porous latex molecules release Helium at an alarming rate, the metallic skin that covers Mylar balloons keeps the helium within.

  • Every helium balloon, regardless of how large or beautiful it is, eventually falls from its lift.
  • Untreated latex balloons can fall in a matter of days, but Mylar balloons last for several weeks.

Mylar balloons can lose their Helium when they leak slowly through the valves or seams. All balloons can be inflated if they are not damaged.

The regulator should be placed on top of the helium tank. The valve should be turned on. The regulator nozzle should be pressed to test the flow. Verify that the balloon is free of any visible holes. Remove any string or ribbon from the balloon. Release the quick-clip if the neck was clipped. Untie any knots that have been tied. To loosen a stiff knot, insert a pencil/paper clip in the knot. You must be careful to not puncture the delicate latex.

The balloon is complete when it has been reinflated. loading=”lazy” src=””/>

The regulator’s nozzle should be placed on the mouth of your balloon. To prevent the regulator’s blowing holes in the neck of the balloon, support the body with one hand. Push the regulator nozzle gently to let helium out of the balloon. Listen out for any gasses escaping from the balloon. This could be a sign of a leak in the latex. You can continue to fill the balloon up to its full size.

Close the balloon neck and take it out of the regulator. Seal the neck by tying or cutting it. A ribbon or string should be tied around the neck.

  • The regulator will place the mouthpiece of your balloon onto the end of the regulator.
  • Close the neck of the balloon and take it out from the regulator.

Mylar balloons are capable of holding helium for up to weeks. loading=”lazy” src=””/>

Install Mylar regulator tip in helium bottles and switch valve on. Turn off regulator button to test flow. Find valve tab in Mylar balloon. Take ribbon and string off valve tab. Placing the valve opening on top of regulator tip. Release the button on the regulator. Slowly fill your balloon with helium. When there are a few wrinkles left, stop. Remove the regulator balloon.

  • Turn the valve on and place Mylar regulator tip in helium bottles
  • Locate the valve tab on Mylar balloon.

Apply a little pressure to the balloon. Listen for any leakage from weak seams or faulty self-seal. Tie a ribbon around the valve to ensure that no helium is escaping from seams or valves.

To prevent helium from escaping the valve, turn the tab many times, seal it with a clip and then attach ribbon. If the balloon leaks from its seams, it is not possible to re-inflate.

It is difficult to reuse latex balloons as they biodegrade quickly. The balloon may be unsalvable if it is not more than 7 days old and has spent a lot of time in direct sunlight. Reusing latex balloons is easier than untying new ones. Most professionals suggest replacing them whenever they are possible.

Mylar balloons must not be left outside because they can damage radar or power lines.