How To Get Rid Of Glued On Rubber Underlay

A rubber underlay is used to protect the flooring and make the carpet more comfortable. The rubber underlay can absorb spillages on the carpet, causing odors and sunken spots. Rubber underlay is required to be removed when you replace carpeting or expose the hardwood flooring underneath. It is possible to take the rubber subfloor from your home by hiring a carpenter, although it may prove more complicated than you thought.

You can prepare the carpet for its removal by standing on the ground and cutting it into 4 foot strips. These should run along the entire length of the room. The carpet can be easily removed this way.

  • The rubber underlay protects flooring and gives carpet its bounce.
  • Prepare the carpet to be removed by standing on it and cutting into four-foot pieces that are the same length as the space.

Dust mask and gloves are required. Pull up on the rug at one corner and grab it from the nailboard holding it in place.

You can roll up your carpet and remove it from the tackboard.

Use a hammer to pry the nails off. Protect the floor underneath by placing a towel/rag beneath the pry bar.

  • You can roll up your carpet and remove it from the tackboard.
  • Protect the floor beneath the pry bar by placing a towel/rag on top.

Remove the rubber layer by pulling it up with your hands. You may find it easier to take off the glue if it hasn’t dissolved. You may find pieces that stick to your flooring.

To remove the rubber underlay, use a paint scraper. You should scrape in an angle so that you don’t damage any floors underneath.

To allow air to circulate, open the windows. Use adhesive remover on any rubber glue. The label will give you the details.